NCCHE has the following missions:

(1) Advance the understanding of fundamental characteristics of water flow, soil erosion, sediment transport phenomena, and their effect on water resources, soil conservation, flood control, waterways safety, etc., and their impact on environment/ecology;

(2) Develop and refine the numerical-empirical modeling methodologies for conducting hydroscience and engineering research cost-effectively in the areas mentioned above;

(3) Educate qualified future researchers and engineers through graduate degree programs in Engineering Science with an emphasis in Computational Hydroscience and Engineering, as well as to equip professionals in the field with the know-how for applying newly developed research and engineering tools by way of short courses and workshops;

(4) Assist government agencies and private institutions in carrying out research and engineering projects in areas related to hydroscience and engineering; and

(5) Promote exchange of knowledge and experience through cooperative research agreements with leading research organizations in both the U.S. and other nations worldwide, as well as through technology transfer by publications, exchange visits, and organization of conferences and symposia, and other associated activities.