CCHE2D-Coast Model

CCHE2D-Coast is an integrated coastal/ocean process model. It is a PC-based application software, consisting of three major process-based submodels, i.e. wave, current, and sediment transport and morphological change models. The wave model simulates irregular wave deformations including refraction, diffraction, wave breaking, wind-induced energy input, whitecapping, etc. The current model is to compute hydrodynamic variables driven by storm winds, air pressure, tide, river flows, and wave-current interaction. The sediment transport and morphological change model is to compute sediment transport capacities and morphological changes due to combined waves and currents driven by river flows, tidal flows, and nearshore currents.

Principle features

  • Deformation, transformation, and breaking of irregular waves in coast and ocean Wave-current interaction
  • Wave attenuation effect due to vegetation
  • Wave-induced currents and set-up
  • Tidal currents and river inflows
  • Coriolis force
  • Hurricane tracks and surface winds
  • Storm Surges
  • Sediment transport due to waves and currents
  • Morphological changes in coastal zones
  • Coastal structures.
  • Non-orthogonal mesh that can model complex coastlines