DSS-WISE™ Cluster

The DSS-WISE™ cluster is a special-purpose cluster constructed specifically to run the DSS-WISE™ web-based dam break/levee breach model.  It features 11 compute nodes with a total of 256 high-performance CPU cores and 576GB of memory. In addition to local storage (1-2TB), each node has access to 108TB of shared network-attached storage (NAS).  Most of these nodes feature 64GB memory (four of them have 32GB).

The cluster also features a shared NAS with 72TB of solid-state flash storage for fast access to high-resolution LiDAR DEM data.  The NAS systems, as well as the web-based frontend host and the database server are connected to the UM backbone network via dual, bonded (load balancing) 10Gbe network connections.

The cluster is housed at the Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research (MCSR) facility on the University of Mississippi main campus, which is a secure facility that provides a UPS system that features backup generators for high availability.



The DSS-WISE™ compute nodes consist of a mixture of Intel Xeon processors, most of them from the Platinum series.  While there are a couple of older 16-core systems, the newer nodes feature 24-32 CPU cores.  In addition, most of them have 64GB of memory.