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Visiting Scientists

Steven Abt – Visiting Professor and Director
Hydraulic Laboratory, Colorado State University

Carlos A.Alonso – Visiting Research Scientist
Watershed and Channel Processes Research Group

Aziz Nadim – Visiting Associate Professor Assoc. Prof. C.E.
USDA-ARS (6/5/89 – 8/4/89)

Baker A. J. – Visiting Professor and Director
University of Tennessee

Czernuszenko W. – Visiting Research Professor
Hydraulic Research Laboratory, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
New Models for Suspended Sediment Transport and Future Research Needs (8/20/91 – 8/26/94)

Darby S.

Di Silvio G. – Visiting Professor
Studi di Padova, University Degli

Fang Duo – Visiting Professor and Director
National Key Laboratory of High Speed Hydraulics, Chengdu University of Science & Technology, China

Foster George – Visiting Scientist and Director

Yoshitaka Fukui – Visiting Research Fellow
(8/8/94 – 4/3/95)

Walter Graf – Visiting Professor and Director
Hydraulic Research Laboratory, Federal Institute of Technolgy, Lausanne, France

Naibin Han – Visiting Research Associate
(11/1/93 – 3/15/95)

K. K. Hu – Visiting Research Professor
(5/14/84 – 11/22/94)

Noriyoshi Kaneko – Visiting Research Associate
Japan (1/14/87 – 12/12/87)

Mutsuto Kawahara – Visiting Professor
Department of Civil Engineering, Chuo University, Japan

Toshio Kodama – Visiting Research Associate
Sato Kogyo Co., Itd. (8/7/92 – 7/16/93)

Sadhana Kulkarni – Visiting Adj. Res. Fellow
(11/15/93 – 4/16/95)

Zheng Ma – Visiting Adj. Res. Associate
China (4/23/86 – 12/4/87)

D. Vieira

Bruce McMillin – Visiting Scholar
OakRidge Assoc. University
Intro. to Parallel Computing on Distributed Memory (7/8/91)

Oscar J. Mesa – Visiting Res. Scholar
Univ. Nacional de Colombia (6/28/89 – 7/28/89)

J. Kent Mitchell – Visting Research Professor
University of Illinois (8/20/91 – 6/20/92)
Introduction to GIS (Geographical Information System) (11/26/91)
Small Watershed Runoff & Sediment Yield Modeling (3/26/92)
Linking the AGNPS Model and the GRASS-GIS (4/30/92)

Gary Parker – Visiting Professor and Director
St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory, University of Minnesota

K. Peter Holz – Visiting Professor and Director
Institute of Hydroinformatics, Technische Universitat Cottbus, Germany

Richard Schmalz – Visiting Research Scientist
Coast and Survey Development Laboratory DOC NOAA, Maryland

F. Simðes – Vis. Post. Dr. Res. Associate

Mervat Sidhom – Visiting Research Associate
United Nations Project (3/30/90 – 5/21/90)

Chandra Singh – Visiting Adjunct Res. Fellow
CWPRS, India (10/1/92 – 4/30/93)

M. M. Soliman – Visiting Professor
Department of Irrigation and Hydraulics, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Colin Thorne – Visiting Professor and Dean
University of Nottingham, UK

Ron Townsend – Visiting Professor and Director
Hydraulic Laboratory, University of Ottawa, Canada

Tetsuro Tsujimoto – Visiting Professor
Department of Civil Engineering and Geotechnical

Shenggan Wan – Visiting Research Fellow
Nanjing Hydraulic Res. Institute (7/1/90-5/28/91)

Guangmei Wang – Visiting Adj. Res. Associate
Northwestern Polytech Univ. (7/1/88 – 1/28/89)

Zhilin Wei – Visiting Research Associate
Wuhan Institute of Hydr. & Elec. (3/25/86 – 3/31/88)

Selim Yalin – Visiting Professor Emeritus
Civil Engineering Department, Queen’s University, Canada

B. A. Younis – Visiting Research Scientist
City University (6/4/90 – 8/31/90)

Jianping Yue – Visiting Adjunct Res. Assoc.
Institute of Water Conservancy (8/16/85 – 11/30/88)

Ruikai Zhang – Visiting Research Associate
Nanjing Hydraulic Res. Institute (2/1/89 – 12/31/89)