Prof. Dr. Janusz Kubrak
Warsaw Agricultural University Fac. of Eng. and Env. Science
No: 12
Proj. ID: USPTTP07
Funding: US $20,000
Cost Sharing: US $7,000



Modeling of the flood routing and delineation of the inundation areas for different water realease polices on the Siemianowka Reservoir and/or different hydrological conditions on main tributaries to Narew, namely the Orlanka River and the Narewka River



The study aims at defining best reservoir operation and management policy which will help local authorities to plan and implement better land-use and management practices. The results of the study will also be useful to the Narew National Park Authority in planning of the water management in the Park area. 


Study Area

The Upper Narew Reach extending from Siemianowka Reservoir to Suraz (border of the NNP) and the surrounding flood plain.


Field Measurements

None. Existing data will be used.


Numerical Simulations

CCHE1D : Flood routing and water quality.

CCHE2D : May also be used for flood routing and flood plain delineation.