Dr. Malgorzata Robakiewicz
PAS-Institute of Hydroengineering
No: 10
Proj. ID: USPTTP05
Funding: US $22,440
Cost Sharing: US $7,590


Better understanding and prediction of the influence of river training works on the changes of hydrodynamics and morphology of rivers by using the state-of-the-art numerical models of NCCHE.



There is a need to better understand the impact of hydraulic structures on the morphology of river and to assess their effectiveness.

Study Area

The selected study area is a 6km-long reach of lower Vistula River (the longest Polish river), with 61 groins and dikes built on both sides.


Field Measurements

River geometry, bathymetry, water elevation, velocity profiles, suspended sediment, and bedload.


Numerical Simulations

CCHE2D : Modeling of the entire 6km of the river reach and, simulation of flow and sediment transport.

CCHE3D : Modeling shorter reaches around groin and dike field to understand the flow patterns.